Canadian Hoisting & Rigging Safety Council

What we do


There is a consensus among crane industry stakeholder groups that harmonization of regulations relevant to cranes, hoisting and rigging across Canada would be beneficial to industry, operators, and the public in terms of increased safety, reduced costs, and greater employer and worker mobility.

The Canadian Hoisting and Rigging Safety Council (CHRSC) was formed to determine the best approach to accomplish a harmonization of regulations between jurisdictions. The Council is a focal point for dialogue on harmonization of hoisting and rigging standards across Canada. The immediate goal is to form a Council that will be apolitical, all encompassing, inclusive and representative of all jurisdictions in Canada and act and work on industry’s behalf with the goal and outcome of establishing common crane industry regulations and credentialing across our country. The Council presents an opportunity for all jurisdictions to strategize and work together on common crane industry goals in a relevant and systematic way. Once the goals and strategies have been formulated, representatives would return to their jurisdictions and work within the processes of their respective jurisdiction to achieve the target outcomes. The Council acts as a place to connect, as industry, to set goals and strategy working toward a common outcome. Each jurisdiction is unique and has their own internal challenges. So the initial steps of establishing the right group and appropriate representative mechanisms is extremely important to a successful outcome. A truly functional Council is the goal. Getting this in place is the first and most important step. Governance, equal representation and the respect of the entire crane industry are the important items to consider in building an effective national organization.