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Canada/European Union Crane Operator Credential MRA Project Moves Forward

The project is off to a great start. Canada is participating as an associate member on the European Crane Operator Licence (ECOL) working group. European Union and Canada are working towards integration of the mobile crane operator standard, learning outcomes, and testing paradigms, including the practical test. Both the European Union and Canadian certification schemes are in alignment with ISO 17024.

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Revised WorkSafeBC Operator Certification Guideline in Effect

The preliminary revision of Guideline G14.34.1 Operator certification was posted on the WorkSafeBC website on November 21, 2017. Click the link below for the complete guideline.

“Crane operator certification is administered through the British Columbia Association for Crane Safety (BC Crane Safety). As the administrator, BC Crane Safety is responsible for the certification process; including application, assessment, quality assurance, and maintenance of the certification scheme. BC Crane Safety has the authority to issue crane operator certification in B.C.”

G14.34.1 Operator certification

OSHA Issues Final Rule to Delay Deadline for Crane Operator Certification

OSHA has issued a final rule to delay the deadline for employers to ensure that crane operators are certified and competent to November 10, 2018. By delaying the deadline for employers to ensure that crane operators are certified by one year, and by extending the employer duty to ensure crane operators are competent until that same date, the rule avoids disrupting the construction industry and allows OSHA time to complete a related crane standard rulemaking addressing these and other issues.

More information is available in the Federal Register notice, available here.

Standard Practical Assessment Tool Available to All Jurisdictions

The Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table has released the National Mobile Crane Operator Demonstration of Skills Test (DOST), a turnkey package consisting of products now available for use by Canada’s crane industry. DOST can be used to assess the practical ability of a mobile crane operator to safely operate cranes to Occupational Health and Safety requirements and industry standards. It is comprised of the DOST Protocol and Candidate Guide, each designed to complement the existing Red Seal endorsement. The DOST Protocol includes standardized questions for written assessments, an Assessor’s Guide and checklists. The Candidate Guide provides standardized information to candidates undertaking the DOST and includes information on the scope of the assessment. Industry has long touted the need for a standardized DOST to increase employability for crane operators relocating for work, reduce red tape for employers, lower costs for all, and improve safety. The DOST is a solution for jurisdictions without existing tools, while those that have a DOST can use it to compare systems in place and make improvements. CHRSC will assume the position as steward for DOST. The Council, a key strategic partner and project committee member since the inception of DOST, will continue its advocacy position for DOST as part of the Red Seal assessment for crane operators.

NOCC Joins CHRSC in National Rigger Standard Drive

The National Occupational Council of Canada supports the concept of a national standard that riggers can be trained and certified to by independent third parties across industries. NOCC has extensive experience in comparing international certification and credentialing schemes.

Operators Embrace Mobile Logbook

Apprentice and trainee crane operators in British Columbia have used an online logbook to record and demonstrate their competence since 2011. Now they are going mobile with a new app called SkillRecord. Click here for the full article.

Ireland and Canada Enhance International Mobility for Crane Operators

A Memorandum of Understanding between SOLAS (An tSeirbhís Oideachais Leanúnaigh agus Scileanna) and BC Association for Crane Safety (BCACS) was signed in Dublin, Ireland on September 16th, 2015. The MOU allows for the mutual recognition of Mobile Crane Operator and Tower Crane Operator credentials. Click here for the official trade release.

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