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Meeting with IUOE Canadian Operating Engineers Joint Apprenticeship and Training Council (COEJATC), Tuesday March 18, 2014 (Ottawa) CHRSC was invited to address COEJATC by the Canadian Regional Director, IUOE and Co-Chair of COEJATC.  The purpose of the invitation was to afford the members of COEJATC the opportunity to ask questions regarding CHRSC initiatives and direction.  A brief synopsis of CHRSC activities and rationales was presented which followed by general discussion and questions.  The meeting was held at the Ottawa office of the IUOE. We also were invited to sit in on a briefing regarding the new Canada Job Grant program.  This was an informative briefing regarding national apprenticeship funding.  The briefing was delivered by the Deputy Chief of Staff and Director of Policy for the Office of the Minister of Employment and Social Development.

CHRSC General Meeting Summary

The January 14, 2013 General Meeting of the Canadian Hoisting and Rigging Safety Council Meeting was held in a space generously provided by the Manufacturers’ Health and Safety Association in Edmonton, Alberta.

Attendance was impressive for a cold and snowy day in Edmonton with over 25 attendees from as far away as Ontario and Oregon. A wide range of parties and industries were represented including crane rental, oil and gas, crane companies, pipeline, transmission, various union locals and internationals, wire rope, chemicals, helicopters, training, construction and regulators.

Presentation and discussion topics included:

  • an introduction to the Council Executive Committee
  • a presentation and discussion on Council Governance
  • a review of projects under consideration that are eligible for federal government funding
  • a discussion focusing on the October 2013 CRC conference in Edmonton

Information on the outcomes of the General Meeting and other updates will be made available on the CHRSC website on an ongoing basis.

Harmonization Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in this survey. Results are as of December 26, 2012.


Which role best describes what you do?

Listed from most popular to least:

  • Trainer (14)
  • Crane Owner (5)
  • Crane Operator(5)
  • Rigging (company & supply) (4)
  • Contractor (2)
  • HSE (2)
  • Safety Inspector/Advisor (2)
  • Alberta Apprenticeship
  • Construction Manager
  • CRSP
  • Equipment Coordinator
  • Industry Association


Which jurisdiction do you work in?

  • Alberta (8)
  • British Columbia (5)
  • Ontario (3)
  • Saskatchewan (3)
  • Northwest Territories (2)
  • Manitoba
  • Yukon


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