The Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA) Harmonization Task Force was launched in 2013 to substantively align apprenticeship systems across Canada by making training requirements more consistent in the Red Seal trades. A review of mobile and tower crane programs was undertaken in 2016 Follow-up review is growing increasingly timely and can now be undertaken in tandem with an update of the Mobile Crane Operator Demonstration of Skills Test, which resulted from the work of the Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table.


In 2014 the CHRSC Rigging Working Committee worked with the Standards Council of Canada to establish the baseline of referenced rigging standards in regulations across Canadian jurisdictions. The report is available on the Standards Council of Canada website.

Upon quick review of Canada’s occupational standards for Red Seal trades found that in excess of 35 include rigging tasks. Although it is common for Red Seal tradespeople to be working on the same site and perform the same rigging tasks, the performance criteria and learning objectives for rigging tasks greatly vary across the trades. This has implications for both health and safety, particularly when riggers arrive on a site from different jurisdictions.

CHRSC is revisiting this as follow-up to its work with the Standards Council of Canada. See related Crane and Hoist Canada article.

International Reciprocity

CHRSC has scheduled meetings for April 2023 to explore avenues for mutual recognition at the national level with the European Crane Operator License Foundation. Individual agreements with EU nations will be discussed with Ireland, Denmark and the UK.