The CCDA Harmonization Task Force is focusing on ten Red Seal trades over the next two years. Three of these are crane trades: Mobile Crane Operator, Mobile Crane Operator (Hydraulic), and Tower Crane Operator. For more details, go to http://www.red-seal.ca/initiatives/h.1rm.4n.3z.1t.3.4n@-eng.jsp If you are interested in participating at your jurisdictional level, contact your local apprenticeship authority to participate.

International Reciprocity

A memorandum of understanding for mutual recognition of mobile crane and tower crane credentials has been signed between SOLAS of Ireland and BC Association for Crane Safety representing the jurisdiction of British Columbia, Canada. Final discussions with various agencies and levels of government are ongoing with the USA.

Demonstration of Skills Test (DOST)

The Mobile Crane Operator Demonstration of Skills Test (DOST) is an Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table project that is now available to all Canadian jurisdictions. It can be used to assess the practical ability of a mobile crane operator to safely operate cranes to Occupational Health and Safety requirements and industry standards. CHRSC will assume the position as steward for DOST.


The CHRSC Rigging Working Committee has worked with the Standards Council of Canada to establish the baseline of referenced rigging standards in regulations across Canadian jurisdictions. The report is available on the Standards Council of Canada website: https://www.scc.ca/en/hoisting-rigging-report  https://www.scc.ca/fr/rapport-levage-montage